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Hello. We are a collective of like-minded teachers, actors, and writers with a wealth of experience in professional theatre, television, film, and radio. See who and where for more about us.

Ordering and Pricing Information

All our schemes of work and plays are instantly downloadable and printable PDFs. These downloads, go hand in hand with some of our other resources. We accept Pay Pal but not credit cards, however we can invoice your school and email you products if that makes life easier?

We cannot guarantee that there are no viruses in any of our downloads, but we make every effort to ensure that there are no viruses on our system. If you are not sure about this, contact your own network administrator for advice.


Please feel free to photocopy our documents and perform the plays as many times as you wish, but only if you have purchased it for your school and for your own use. I am sure you understand that a lot of work has gone into writing and producing these plays and the poor freelance souls in our Curious workhouse need to earn a crust or two. Thank you.

Curious Shop


The 39 Steps - Text Schemes

The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps Key ring revision worksheets

The 39 Steps key ring

The Crucible - Text Schemes

The Crucible

How Theatre Works - Scheme of Work

Theatre Roles and Terminology


Devising: Conception to Performance - Scheme of work

Devising: Conception to Performance


Tracey Lockett - Play

Tracey Lockett

A Right Pickle - Play

A Right Pickle

Twelfth Night - Play

Twelfth Night

Names in a Jar - Play

Names in a Jar


These posters are ideal for GCSE Drama students and for those needing easy access to drama language and terminology. The Posters are pdfs in high resolution so need to be downloaded and then printed by those purchasing the product.

Elements of Acting Poster

Stage lighting Poster

‘Actioning Verbs’ Toolkit Poster

Konstantin Stanislavski Poster

Blood Brothers Poster

The 39 Steps Poster

The Crucible


Bertolt-Brecht - Scheme of work

Bertolt Brecht

Contemporary Practitioners - Free resource

Contemporary Practitioners


Friday Curious Session


James Simmonds