Devising: Conception to Performance


Devising: Conception to Performance

Our new Devised Sow is here. Bursting with ideas and invention, it takes you step by step through the devising process. It is ideal for GCSE students, providing a wide variety of resources and games that will really help with creation and collaboration.

The Nuts & Bolts
Lesson One: Understanding devised theatre.
Lesson Two: Developing the ability to work cooperatively as an ensemble.
Lesson Three: Developing devising strategies using props.
Lesson Four: Creating original material from a range of stimuli.
Lesson Five: Exploring ideas further using chosen stimuli.
Lesson Six: Consolidating and developing ideas further.
Lesson Seven: Shaping character and character development.
Lesson Eight: Establishing a stage realization and developing design elements.
Lesson Nine: Rehearsing, Polishing and Completing checklist
Logbook to be completed



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