Submarine: is a coming-of-age comedy based on Joe Dunthorne‘s critically acclaimed novel, and executive produced by Ben Stiller.

The film was made by Warp Films (Production), an independent British film company with a reputation for involvement in innovative films such as This is England (2006) and Four Lions (2010).

You can watch here a short short film that goes with it.



Directed by Richard Ayoade (2010)

Set in the industrial landscape of South Wales, Submarine is an offbeat comedy about Oliver Tate, a fifteen-year-old boy obsessed with books, films, and a girl called Jordana.

Anxious to lose his virginity and determined to save his parents failing marriage, Oliver blunders into the breach, shielded by his oversize black toggle coat and armed with nothing more than a black notebook, in which he plots elaborate, idiotic plans for Jordana’s seduction and his parents’ future happiness.


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