The 39 Steps

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This scheme of work is ideal for teaching The 39 Steps.
I know how hectic a drama teacher’s life is, so these twelve one-hour lesson plans are simply laid out and a doddle to follow. There are easy to photocopy handouts, lots of inspiring videos and many web links – so it’s important you can access YouTube to really take advantage of all the valuable resources. Read more below…

“This Scheme of work is brilliant”- Lance Keegan ‘Royal Latin School’

The 39 Steps Lesson Objectives: 

To consider and discuss the historical, social and cultural context.
To explore and create multiple character roles and relate this to the play.
To explore and create multiple locations within the play.
To understand and demonstrate the concept of ‘pastiche’.
To extract relevant information from the text and develop an ability to interpret meaning from the script.

To research, explore and analyse characters.
To create and develop a character.
To learn how to score a text, using beats, vocal inflection, and transitive verbs.
To research set design and props in preparation for a stage realisation.
To begin to create and develop a stage realisation.
To research costumes, accessories, and makeup in order to create an inspiring overall design.
To consider lighting and sound effects in order to create inspiring designs.


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